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Maulds Meaburn Village Society

Contact:            Maureen Newrick   01931 715370

The Maulds Meaburn Village Society was formed in 1999; local people were seeking a forum where matters pertinent to the life if the village could be discussed.  From the start it was seen to be important to include a social aspect to meetings.  Business – yes, but the Society should also enable resident to meet, get know others and enjoy themselves.


Skimming through the carefully documented Minutes and Notes from 1999 to the present day, it became apparent that enthusiasm for living in the village and a concern for all aspects of village life remained undimmed.   Although a strong core of long established villagers remains, the names of those attending meeting and holding position of responsibility within the Society have changed; a reflection of movement both in and out of the community but also of the enthusiasm people feel as they put down their own rots in the village.


As to the future, the consensus at the recent A.G.M. was that, for the time being, a formal village society was perhaps no longer needed. Interest in the village matters continues and there is a positive link between the village and the Parish Council.  Villagers are well represented in most of the other clubs and groups within the Parish and make lively contributions to them.  Regular coffee mornings not only raise funds for our future village hall but are happy social occasions when village matters are discussed over a cup of coffee.  Residents plan and support the annual summer fete, carol singing on the Green and have taken responsibility for the caring for the trees and benches on the Green.


As a community we seem to have the ability to respond to village and individual needs.  The time will no doubt come when it will be necessary to re-establish the formal Village Society but until that time it will remain in abeyance and those of us fortunate enough to live in such beautiful surroundings will continue to enjoy the friendly, stimulating and responsive community within which we find ourselves.

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