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Legal and technical Home Groups Services Directory

Chair of Governors            Nick Thomas

Telephone:                             01931 715010

Email:                                      nick*thomas@mac*ace.net 

Head teacher:                        Tim Ayre

Telephone:                               01931 715265

Email:                                      *admin@crosby*ravensworth.cumbria.sch.uk



1.   Purpose or Objective of your organisation


The school is a Church of England aided primary school serving the villages of Crosby Ravensworth, Maulds Meaburn, Kings Meaburn and Reagill and the surrounding hamlets and farms. It provides education for children of compulsory school age within the Reception to Key Stage 2 age groups.


The Governing Body has the legal responsibility to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.  The governors work in partnership with the head teacher and other school staff to promote high standards of educational achievement at the school and direct the strategic direction of the school in a way that is accountable to pupils’ parents and the wider community.  The governing body has a wide range of specific responsibilities that in turn require it to establish and work to a range of procedures.


2.   Any Plans or Projects you are pursuing or considering at the moment/over the next year


The governors and staff very much see the school at the heart of the local community.  As such the school’s pupil base reflects the community and conversely the societal make up of the community results in the school’s success.  The governors and staff see the presence of the school as one of, if not the, prime reason that a good number of families with young children still remain in the immediate area.  The fact that the school has, within its buildings a pre-school nursery is also seen as critical in supporting a balanced community.



3.   Do you have any longer terms plans (e.g. next five years) that could be included in the Community Plan.


There are a number of longer-term priorities for the school that are relevant to the community plan.  They include:


a)                  A planned ‘Phase 2’ to the school’s buildings remodelling.  This is planned to include the building of a School Hall and improvement and relocation of the KS2 classroom.  The creation of a school hall is an important strategic objective in securing the long-term viability of the school against a background of closures, amalgamations and federation of smaller rural school schools in Cumbria.  Such a development will be seen as a development to be of benefit to the whole community as well as securing improved teaching and learning opportunities for the school.

b)                  The governors will continue to support appropriate proposals for sustainable housing and social infrastructure in the local area.

Governing Body, Crosby Ravensworth CE (Aided) Primary School

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