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Legal and technical Home Groups Services Directory

Contact: Dave            Telephone:             01931 7155000

Email:                  bankheadbeef*@gmail.com 


Purpose or Objective of your Organisation?

Our purpose is to bring the younger members of the community together so they can socialise (not only with the local community but also with other young farmers clubs) in a safe environment and hopefully to learn new skills.


Any Plans or Projects you are pursuing or considering at the moment/over the next year?


Our main plan is to gain more members and to increase our funds.  We will hopefully achieve this by putting on various events throughout the year.


Do you have any longer terms plans that could be included in the Community Plan?


Our main long-term plan is to keep the club going, and try to ensure that the club is well supported not only by its members but also the whole community.


The community plan could help us in this by trying to keep the young, local residents in the villages.

Lyvennet Young Farmers’ Club

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