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1.            Purpose of the organisation


The Village Hall Committee has a clear objective set out in the Charity Registration document.  It is:


“To provide a village hall and maintain it so that it meets the needs of the people of the Parish with the objective of improving their quality of life”


With this objective in mind, the committee consulted with the community and regular user groups, drew up plans, secured grants and brought the Village Hall into the 21st century through an exciting building programme.


The Village Hall is now on one level allowing access for all users.


It now offers in terms of premises:-


A large main hall with its own entrance.

A smaller carpeted room divided off from the main hall by a soundproof moveable screen.  This room has its own entrance.

A bar that can be booked through discussion with the booking committee member.

A new kitchen, fully equipped, including fridge, electric cooker with oven, microwave etc.

New toilets including disabled toilet and baby changing facilities.

A storeroom.

An attic room (see later)


2.         The plans/projects we are pursuing or considering at the moment and into the future.


To encourage past user groups to return to the hall

This is happening.


To encourage new groups to use the hall through publicity.

This is beginning to happen.


To encourage large event holders to use the hall.

An example of this was the Food Fair and due to its success, others are planned. Careful advertising using newspapers, local magazines, local radio and posters are the key, and also personal recommendation.


We are working on a clear booking form that includes booking policy and hire charges.



We appointed a paid worker funded through the Lottery.

This appointment finishes in March 2008.

The worker has been able (and is continuing) to do a lot of ‘leg work’, following up ideas, running with spontaneous ideas and bringing choices back to the committee for consideration.

Part of the job description is to put the village hall on the map and promote it in as many ways as possible.


Social and Entertainments sub group

This is a small, enthusiastic group who are developing an exciting programme of events to take place in the village hall.  It is made up mainly of friends of the hall who do not want to sit on the main committee but want to be actively involved through this way of supporting their hall.


Links with Crosby Ravensworth Primary School

The School has booked the hall for some P.E. lessons and 2008 Speech Day. We are encouraging this link.


Development of the upstairs attic space

This is being developed into storage space with Velux windows to allow more light.  There is already an access staircase in place.

It may be possible/desirable to use this large space in a different way in the future.  The work on this development has started and is funded by a lottery grant.


A moveable stage facility of rostrum blocks is planned for the future.  This will allow flexibility of performance from professional groups, for primary school events, bands etc


A publicity leaflet is in process and will contain not only details of the hall but also local bed and breakfast establishments, places to eat etc., so promoting the area and with an eye to organisation further afield using the village hall as a venue.


We are in touch with the Rural Touring Company and working at being a venue for some of their performing events possibly from 2009 onwards.

Crosby Ravensworth Village Hall