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Legal and technical Home Groups Services Directory

Secretary:            Eileen Risk

Telephone:     01931 715324


1.   Purpose or Objective of your Organisation


To encourage interest in the History of Crosby Ravensworth and the former County of Westmorland, to increase knowledge of Local Customs, Traditions, Historic Sites, Architecture and Families, to carry out research and add to the body of knowledge; when appropriate to publish literature based on research projects.


2.   Any Plans or Projects you are pursuing or considering at the moment/over the next year.


Interests vary and research projects tend to be pursued by individual members.  However, on completion, these are usually shared with members in the form of a talk at one of our meetings.


3.   Do you have any longer terms plans (e.g. next five years) that could be included in the Community Plan.


a)         To survey and chart old tracks and roads in the parish and to discover their origins and purpose.

b)                  Members are concerned that although well documented, monuments, historic sites and earthworks need, if possible, to be preserved from further deterioration.  This is not something which we as a Society can facilitate.

c)                  Explore the possibility of restoring some of the lime kilns in the parish.  The most recent survey and photographic record were made in 1999 during the LH1 Parish Project.  To do this, financial assistance would be required.

d)                  Discover and record name changes of fields, becks, houses and other buildings in the parish.

e)                  Field Walking.  Under expert supervision to learn the skills of Field Walking (including proper recording), searching for evidence of past land uses across the landscape.  This project would also require financial assistance to pay for an expert.

Crosby Ravensworth Local History Society