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Legal and technical Home Groups Services Directory

We have over  25 community groups in our area. If yours isn’t listed on the left, then please contact the administrator.

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Click on the link below to access the Group’s Page

Crosby Ravensworth School Governors

Crosby Ravensworth First Responders

Crosby Ravensworth History Society

Crosby Ravensworth Methodist Church

Crosby Ravensworth Parish Archive

Crosby Ravensworth Playgroup

Crosby Ravensworth Relief in Need Charities

Crosby Ravensworth School Trustees

Crosby Ravensworth Show Committee

Crosby Ravensworth Village Hall Society

Friends of Crosby Ravensworth School

First Crosby Ravensworth Brownies

King Meaburn Chapel

Kings Meaburn Village Hall Committee

Kings Meaburn WI

Lyvennet Book Club

Lyvennet Gardeners Group

Lyvennet Health & Well-being Lunch Club

Lyvennet Ladies’ Group

Lyvennet Link Group

Lyvennet Nursery Group

Lyvennet Young Farmers’ Club

Maulds Meaburn Village Institute

Maulds Meaburn Village Society

Reagill Village Hall Committee

St Lawrence Parish Church

Youth Club at Crosby Ravensworth Chapel

If your group isn’t listed here & you would

like to be included, please email us

with your information

and we will add your group to this page.

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