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Legal and technical Home Groups Services Directory

Contact:                      Maureen Newrick

Telephone:                 01931 715370



1.   Purpose or Objective of your organisation


To Share our enjoyment of books by meeting in each other’s homes and exchanging our thoughts and opinions in a happy, relaxed social atmosphere.

To read books we otherwise would not have chosen to read, thereby challenging our personal assumption about both fictional and re-life situations;

To enjoy each other’s company (we really look forward to Book Club Mornings) and to continue to exchange book informally.


2.   The plans/projects we are pursuing or considering at the moment and into the future.


To repeat last year’s successful visit to Keswick Theatre by the Lake.

To continue pursuing the objectives mentioned about.

When/where appropriate to try to encourage the development of other book groups in the area.

As individuals to try and support the mobile Library Service when it visits our villages.

To suggest to the mobile Library service that they publish a calendar of their visiting dates.


3.   Do you have any longer terms plans (e.g. next five years) that could be included in the Community Plan.


To consider a way of setting up a mini book exchange in the village (site: the MM Village Institute was mentioned).  We would not want to cut across the mobile lending service.


To try and find out more about the Booker Prize system e.g. how/why are books chosen and decisions reached.


To think about inviting a local author either to one of our meetings or to an open meeting to which other local groups would be invited.

Lyvennet Book Club